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[K12OSN] RE: Via Mini-ITX problems How do I know if SWCursor is working

In my etc/X11/ directory there are two files XF86config and XF86config-4
which one do I put the option "SWCursor" in? I put it in XF86config is that correct?
I am running LTSP ver 2.0 how do I know the the SWCursor option if actually working on my LTSP stations?

Message: 13
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:38:56 -0600
From: Jan Wilson <corocom btl net>
To: k12osn redhat com
Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Via Mini-ITX problems
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* tom rottschafer <tomrottschafer hotmail com> [020716 14:56]:
> Anyone using these successfully for an extended period of time?
> We have 10 and if they would stay working they would be a great fanless
> solution.

We were just about to order a couple dozen of them.

> Intermittently our mini-itx's connected to K12LTSP will lockup. (screen
> freeze, power down and powerup solves, until next time)

How frequently?

dont have a frequency but enough to not use them in an install with a fix.

> Sometimes they have a cursor display issue (when you click the mouse button
> it actually clicks about a 1/4 inch to the left of the cursor. a shutdown
> ot the terminal solves problem. but it will return)

I couldn't find the reference, but if I recall there's a Trident chip
on the VIA mini-itx.  It might do better with a software cursor.  You
might try getting LTSP to load this into the XF86Config file:

Section "Device"
    (whatever is there for the video card, add the next line)
    Option "SWCursor"

> Currently running K12LTSP ver. 2.0
> the mini-itx's have PXE preloaded so that is how they are booting.
> We have other older PC's booting to floppy to same server as mini-itx's are
> and they run flawless.
> These are second generation mini-itx's and slim-itx case and power supply
> from idot.com.

We were planning to buy from them also.

> The 1st gen. supposedly had a issue with both the power supply and the
> motherboard, both of were fixed.(?)
> If these would work they are about $100 less then the Jammin 125 which I
> may have to go with.

Well, the bundles from iDOT.com are about $179 each, shipping
included.  ThinkNICs are about $277 with shipping (though it does
include keyboard and mouse).  Jammin 125's are about $325 (not sure
whether shipping is included).  I'm sure they're good and we may go
with them too, but the cost is almost $150 more than the mini-itx's.

If someone would make a reasonable (about $30) case and power supply
for thin clients, AND if the mini-ITX work, we could get a really good
deal on thin clients.

Please let us know if you get any workarounds for yours.

Jan Wilson, SysAdmin     _/*];          corocom btl net
Corozal Junior College   |  |:'  corozal.com corozal.bz
Corozal Town, Belize     |  /'  chetumal.com & linux.bz
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