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Re: [K12OSN] auto login

On Tuesday 23 July 2002 9:52 am, Brent D. Norris wrote:
> I was looking for some thing like what I think he was talking about
> myself.  The problem with using KDE or GDM for it is that it is configured
> to do it for one person.  But this is configured on the server, so if you
> want to have a different default profile for each machine then it doesn't
> work that way.

The problem with a lab environment is security. If yo have an autologin on all 
the computers, it dosnt matter what account they use.  They are all 
equivilant because I can just walk to the next computer. Some would argue 
they SHOULD be EXACTLY the same, because as a lab user, it is confusing to go 
from one computer to the next if they are not the same.  If you want accounts 
to behavie differently, then they need to log in, even if there is no 
password. Otherwise the lab will become unusable very quickly.

However, there may be some other hurdles..  I dont know that KDM will allow a 
passwordless login (and thus autologin) via the network.  You may have to 
check the configuration files by hand, because many of those options are not 
on their GUI setup tool.  


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