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Re: [K12OSN] auto login

> The problem with a lab environment is security. If yo have an autologin on all
> the computers, it dosnt matter what account they use.  They are all
> equivilant because I can just walk to the next computer. Some would argue
> they SHOULD be EXACTLY the same, because as a lab user, it is confusing to go
> from one computer to the next if they are not the same.  If you want accounts
> to behavie differently, then they need to log in, even if there is no
> password. Otherwise the lab will become unusable very quickly.

I agree completely.  What I had hoped to find a way to do was to have each
student have a floppy disk that they saved their work onto.  When this was
put in the floppy drive it would supply their login and password.

I know it would be tough to do.  Heck I am not even sure there is the
facility to do it inside something like gdm or kdm, but I sure think it
would be cool.  I have seen it done a long time ago with terminals at a
tech school my dad went to.

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