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Re: [K12OSN] auto login

I haven't seen anything that would allow automnatic logins, however on our
machines here we were able to make passwordless logins by simply deleting
the password out of the password file. when you make the new users you have
to supply a password, but after its been deletewd, you just type in the
username and it opens right up. This works with KDM and GDM.

Matthew Winther
Oregon Public Networking CTC Manager
mwinther efn org

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> I see what you guys are saying with the lab environment. But These
> terminals are in a class room environment in sets of three next to a
> teachers desk. These are third to fifth graders and the only thing they
> can get to is galeon and abiword. They are only in the classrooms when
> there's a teacher there anyway. I played with kdm today and while all
> the options are there, I can't even get a passwordless login to work. I
> was just curious. I thought someone might know a way to make the
> machines automagically login, but apparently there is no solution to
> that right now. Thanks for the input.
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