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Re: [K12OSN] Load Balancing between servers


I have a similar situation...


I am working with a setup of over 30 terminals in a school environment. I
have two servers that are setup exactly the same and are roughly equal to
each other in terms of hardware and power.

although mine is a lab (hopefully two) and would like to do the same...


I would like to have some way to transparently pick the server with the
lowest load or fewest users and have the next client log into that

Two possible configurations I have been mulling over: move the home folder(s) to a third server that just serves that to each user (or maybe just their documents?)...or...make one server (maybe even a lower-end one) process logins only and delegate all of the home folder and application loading action to the two others. LDAP may be the way to go with this (or samba, nfs, or?), but I don't yet have the time to configure and install.

For the time being, I am going to set the servers in the closet with the wiring, and patch half of the lab into one server, and the other half into the other.


Joseph Morelock
Media Services Director
Canby High School
morelocj canby k12 or us
503.266.5811, x1110, x1008

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