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Re: [K12OSN] RE: Via Mini-ITX problems How do I know if SWCursor is working

* tom rottschafer <tomrottschafer hotmail com> [020723 14:33]:
> In my etc/X11/ directory there are two files XF86config and XF86config-4
> which one do I put the option "SWCursor" in? I put it in XF86config is that 
> correct?

XF86Config is for XFree86 version 3.x, and XFree86Config-4 is for
XFree86 version 4.x.  If you don't know which one to use, it shouldn't
hurt to put it in both.

> I am running LTSP ver 2.0 how do I know the the SWCursor option if actually 
> working on my LTSP stations?

If the cursor displacement problem goes away, you could reasonably
assume that was it.

> >How frequently?
> dont have a frequency but enough to not use them in an install with a fix.

I don't suppose there's a BIOS upgrade for them?

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