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Re: [K12OSN] K-12 for Business use?

lists dragonphyre com wrote:

Has anyone here used this distro in a commercial setting? Would it be secure enough on the internet side of the box to keep medical applications and patiant information on?

I use it for business. It's great - everything I need, and I installed an accounting package - plug-and-play - brilliant.

Security ? That depends.. Why would you want it on the internet ? Does the application run over the net ?

If you have sensitive data, and you need your apps running over the net, then you MUST have an encrypted VPN.

It doesn't matter what Operating System you run ( 8-/ well Linux is better than some) you will need your firewall/VPN on
a different box, or you are just asking for trouble. and with medical data.. foo..

Best bet for you, is to forget "computers" for a bit, and decide where you want your data, your clients, and so on. Draw on paper,
and then start asking questions on how it could be done (O/T in this forum???)

Any experiances to rate this against using the plain LTSP instead? And not to be off topic but has anyone had any experiance with LTSP on Debian? It's hard to beat the ease of apt-get for remote upgrades from cross country.

K12LTSP basically *is* LTSP, it's just customised further - but the nuts-and-bolts are the same.
I'm expecting any time now to see K12LTSP get "stolen" and re-used in another business-oriented project or corporate desktop system.

`up2date -i <package-name>` works pretty well, and I've been told that apt-get is a available for R/H distros, but I have also heard
that a little more 'tweaking' is required on occasion.


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