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Re: [K12OSN] K-12 for Business use?

lists dragonphyre com wrote:
I have a couple of questions on K-12 Linux, if anyone has some experiacnes
to share I would appreciate the input.

Has anyone here used this distro in a commercial setting?  Would it be
secure enough on the internet side of the box to keep medical applications
and patiant information on?

Any experiances to rate this against using the plain LTSP instead?  And not
to be off topic but has anyone had any experiance with LTSP on Debian?
It's hard to beat the ease of apt-get for remote upgrades from cross country.

Hi Bob!

I use it here at twt and it's simply flawless. I have several terminals and people are really pleased.
About the info, as you're intended to handle very sensitive data, you should think about security mesures as firewals, tight access control, maybe an encripted file system.

Best regards


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