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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Authenticating mixed clients for Internet Access

yan seiner wrote:

I have not found anything that will authenticate on a per user basis
on a Linux-based gateway, firewall, or proxy. I need it to work from
either Windows Domain login (processed by a Samba PDC) or Linux
terminal logins.


I'm not sure who the original poster was, but anyway, I have proxy authentication working perfectly.

As long as the user has a Linux account (whether they use it or not) the system admin can easily grant
or deny web-internet access to that user.

It doesn't matter what browser (Linux/win/mac/anything) they are using, or where they are currently situated on the
network, the proxy will not let them out without your permission.

It can be easily admin'ed with webmin, or any of the user-admin tools - just add or remove them from the 'student' group
and it is done.

I would love to RPM it all together in a package for you, but that is slightly beyond me yet.. I can easily make a tar.gz
which is slightly more difficult to install, but still works fine.


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