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Re: [K12OSN] distro for firewall/proxy ?

take a look at smoothwall http://www.smoothwall.org/community/home/

It's pretty nice. The gpl version allows a pretty good setup. They also
offer a couple of other versions designed for corporate and educational use.

I've used the gpl version at home for almost a year and had no problems. I
purchased the corporate version for the school system ( about $350 ) and
it's been running about 6 mo. Had both up and running inside of 30 min. with
squid; snort and dmz.


> Hi Folks
> What distro are you using for your firewall/proxy connection to the
> Internet ?
> I thought about using K12LTSP for this, and just doing a server install
>  - no thin clients hanging off it, no X even..
> There are other options too - a bootable CDROM (no HDD on that
> machine),  BSD, and others..  There are heaps of ready-to-deploy
> firewall distros out there that can be customised for our use.
> I would like to begin work on a plug-and-play firewall suitable for
> School networks, so any comments would be appreciated - especially if
> you have an existing firewall, and you are unsatisified with it, or
> you had to make it by hand, or it is not ideal in any other way.
> TIA,
> Steve
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