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Re: [K12OSN] distro for firewall/proxy ?

Hi Steve,
Do check out www.ipcop.org! I use it at home, and it works great. I was on the mailing list for a time and there were many school admins that were using it. It will also run DansGuardian's web content filtering... (see the documentation page at IPCop)
Have fun,
Paul Van Allsburg

Steve Wright wrote:
Hi Folks

What distro are you using for your firewall/proxy connection to the Internet ?

I thought about using K12LTSP for this, and just doing a server install - no thin clients hanging off it, no X even..
There are other options too - a bootable CDROM (no HDD on that machine), BSD, and others.. There are heaps of ready-to-deploy
firewall distros out there that can be customised for our use.

I would like to begin work on a plug-and-play firewall suitable for School networks, so any comments would be appreciated - especially
if you have an existing firewall, and you are unsatisified with it, or you had to make it by hand, or it is not ideal in any other way.


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