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[K12OSN] Routing in Redhat

I am trying to set up a quick SSH-PPP-VPN link between 2 networks protected by 
firewalls. (I know, there are better and more secure ways of doing it, but 
this is the fastest and dosnt require any special software)

Anyway, when I get the link established, I can not route packets through the 
link.  The basic things to check (that I already did) are:

/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is set to 1
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/config/ppp0/forward is set to 1
iptables has no filters, and all policies are set to ACCEPT
The routes are set up correctly.

I use the same set up scripts to connect to another machine (running Debian) 
and it works fine, so I assume this has to do with the RedHat box.  

Here are more complete details:

Box A (RH 7.2)
public ip:
private ip:
private net 10.3/24
ppp ip

Box B (RH 7.3)
public ip:
private ip:
private net: 192.30.10/24
ppp ip:

Box B initiates the connection, and once the connection, both boxes can ping 
eachother's ppp ip.  They can also ping the private IP of the other box, but 
not anything else on the network.  

When Box B uses the same scripts to connect to a Debian box, routing works 
fine from B to anywhere on the private net. So it must be some RedHat 

Any ideas?

I can post the script I use to make the connection if anyone wants it.


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