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My school is looking into Quanta. It comes on the redhat 7.3 install CD.
It's not true wysiwyg though. It lets you use a gui interface to click a
font button for example. After you choose the font, quanta writes the html
code for you. So what you see is html code. There is a preview button that
takes the html code and shows you what the page will look like but you
cannot edit the page/project in that view. This program meets the needs we
are looking for but it sounds like it might be a day late and a dollar short
for what you want...my 2¢

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I’m setting up a trial K12LTSP lab here at my school, and all is going well
so far.  But one of the software requirements for the lab is a WYSIWYG HTML
editor, not just an HTML code editor or a text editor.  I would like to know
if anyone knows of any MSFrontpage like applications out there that will run
on Linux.  It definitely doesn’t need all the bells, whistles and bloat of
MSFrontpage, but it needs to design pages visually like frontpage.  While we
try to teach basic HTML to our students, many of our students will not get
it, and neither will most of our teachers and other staff, but they still
want to be able to create web pages.




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