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I was going to mention OpenOffice.org/StarOffice 6.0. :-)

K12LTSP includes OOo and Mozilla. That makes installing easy.

We have a few examples of buttons etc the kids can use to copy and paste. Makes it easy for them. I'll see about cleaning up our examples and posting (but I'll first have to find a 32 hour day - I'm already over the limit for a 24 hour day :-)

I would like to know what FrontPage or the other choices do to see what can be done to provide similar 'stuff' with the software K12LTSP already includes.

Uhhh... One reason I did not mention OOo is it generates HTML 3.2. Old stuff. sigh

Gary Frederick
  OpenOffice.org groupware project lead
  I do like OOo :-)

Michael Williams wrote:
We use netscape composer and sometimes StarOffice or OpenOffice.


We use Mozilla. Works great.


Jesse T. Byers wrote:

I?m setting up a trial K12LTSP lab here at my school, and all is going
well so far.  But one of the software requirements for the lab is a
WYSIWYG HTML editor, not just an HTML code editor or a text editor.  I
would like to know if anyone knows of any MSFrontpage like
applications  out there that will run on Linux.  It definitely doesn?t
need all the  bells, whistles and bloat of MSFrontpage, but it needs
to design pages  visually like frontpage.  While we try to teach basic
HTML to our  students, many of our students will not get it, and
neither will most of  our teachers and other staff, but they still
want to be able to create  web pages.


Jesse Byers

Network Administrator

School District of Grantsburg

Grantsburg, WI

jbyer gk12 net <mailto:jbyer gk12 net>

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