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[K12OSN] Stability of K12LTSP

This may sound like a troll but I am looking for comments on the stability of 
the k12ltsp enviroment and how well its worked for you.

I am in the middle of a 50-60 terminal  k12ltsp install for my wife's school 
here in Orlando,Fl.  I am not concerned about the stability of Linux because 
I know how well it works.  I've been using it exclusivly for over 5 years.  I 
am just looking for some feedback.  I was hoping to have these questions 

1. With a 2ghz P4 and 1 gig of RAM how many clients can an X11 server support?  
(I've heard 50mb ram per client)

2. Due to the immense traffic X11 networks generate is anybody segmenting 
thier networks when several X11 servers are nessasary?

3. What are the students reactions?  How about the teachers?

4. Has anybody made the sounds in KDE3 work?

Thanks for your input
Jack Palmadesso

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