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RE: [K12OSN] Stability of K12LTSP

Hi Jack.

1. 50 megs a client is the rule of thumb, of course different apps and
window managers make all the difference in that number. I'm running A
Dell Poweredge 1.8 ghz Xeon with 4 gigs of ram for 60 terminals. I'm
using the icewm-lite (KDE is too bulky) package along with abiword and
galeon and it works fine with this setup. I did have to add another
network card and do some port trunking due to a network bottle neck
after 30 machines or so. 

2.  The building housing our big ltsp has an isolated hp procurve 4000
dedicated just to those terminals. I'm using the standard network
configuration for ltsp. You could also setup a vlan. I don't know how
serious the effect of all that traffic is, if at all. The thought of all
that traffic being set loose on my 100mb network terrifies me though.

3.  I was still playing last year. My official rollout is August 15th.
The students got to play on them some last year and they loved them. To
them technology is technology. The teachers are having workshops and
these terminals are gonna be part of that. So we'll find out soon the

4.  I have been playing, but no success. I think everyone has decided
it's something deep inside of kde3 and its deeper than I want to go. 

Caleb Wagnon, MCP
Fordyce School District
Office of Technology
Fordyce, AR 71742
(870) 352-2968


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