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Re: [K12OSN] login same user in diferent machine

Jack wrote:

> Yes, export the /homes directory on the machine containing the users home
> directory.  Then have the new machine mount the home directory.  As long as
> the user id and group id match the user should have no trouble accessing his
> settings and data trasparently over the NFS mount.

Yes jack i did that but sory to say that but, i installed a redhat 7.3 to the
workstation not a k12ltsp version so it doesnt have ltsp install on it... i did
mount and put all to the home directory and copy all the passwd to it.  Do i
have to setup an ltsp also on that worksation?

Arnel G. Pastrana
n:Pastrana;Arnel G.
org:AIIAS International Elementary School;www.aiias.edu/elem | www.k12ltsp.org
email;internet:arnelgp aiias edu
title:k12ltsp Network Administrator
note:Linux user ID # 277784
fn:Arnel G. Pastrana

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