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Re: [K12OSN] Stability of K12LTSP

Jack wrote:

> 1. With a 2ghz P4 and 1 gig of RAM how many clients can an X11 server support?
> (I've heard 50mb ram per client)

i have this kind of setup also in my server at the moment also jack, it works in
my lab 24 diskless ws using gnumeric, abiword, and some other simple program but
of course office will freeze and other application that requires more RAM, i dont
know how others set it up.?

> 2. Due to the immense traffic X11 networks generate is anybody segmenting
> thier networks when several X11 servers are nessasary?
> 3. What are the students reactions?  How about the teachers?

For teachers who knew ms windows already they were strange, but teachers who
knows more than ms windows, with an opensoure mind they said great! and its
easier to those who doesnt have any background to computers yet. both student and

> 4. Has anybody made the sounds in KDE3 work?

I just run it to my server i didnt try to my workstation yet....... when booting
appears i think it doesnt have any modules for the sound that was installed to my

n:Pastrana;Arnel G.
org:AIIAS International Elementary School;www.aiias.edu/elem | www.k12ltsp.org
email;internet:arnelgp aiias edu
title:k12ltsp Network Administrator
note:Linux user ID # 277784
fn:Arnel G. Pastrana

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