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[K12OSN] NECC - Seattle 2003 Open Source in EDU

Hello Folks,

It's time to start planning for our presentations at this year's NECC
conference. http://neccsite.org/ Deadline for proposals is October 9,

This is the biggest edu/technology conference in the country. Over
10,000 teachers come. These are the people we need to reach. Last year I
did a search for Linux in the program and found only 1 entry, mine!

I have three goals for this conference:

Goal 1. Develop an Open Source stand of presentations where folks can
show how they are using free software in schools. I'd like to have 20-30
Sample topics: (discuss more on lists...)
Gimp in the Classroom
OpenOffice for Teachers
Firewalls with free software 101
Building school infrastructures with free software etc...

We need a mix of topics for the walk-ins who know nothing about
Linux/Open Source and some for the more advanced tech administrators who
will be there.

I'll work with the NECC folks to try to identify the presentations as
being a part of an Free Software/Open Source strand. We need to identify
ourselves as part of the free software movement and let people know what
that's all about.

Goal 2. Meet all of you. We send emails to each other but who knows what
would happen if we were all in the same room! Focusing our efforts and
abilities on one conference will have an impact. Let's plan for plenty
of time for our own gatherings as well as the presentations.

Goal 3. Red Hat Training/Migration - I'd like to see Red Hat at NECC
with a training booth. There is a giant exhibit floor. Everyone is there
and they all have huge displays with 1000's of teachers roaming around.
I'd like to see RH work with us to provide an exhibit where teachers can
take mini-classes. The other guys (Apple & MS) have shows going all day.
We'll need to think hard on what to offer but I'm leaning toward 3
1. "Hey, this Linux desktop is pretty cool!"
2. "Hey, this Linux server is pretty easy to install and administer."
3. "Hey, Red Hat has all these classes I can take. That's what I need so
we can finally migrate to using free software."

Let's discuss this on the lists and start thinking of presentations we
can do. Let's also brainstorm funding ideas to help us all get to
Seattle. LinuxFund.org has been a big help for us. Perhaps we can submit
this as a focused project.

Enjoy the rest of your summers but starting thinking NECC!

;-) Paul
Paul Nelson................... pnelson riverdale k12 or us
Riverdale School, 11733 SW Breyman Ave, Portland, OR 97219
school (503)636-4511.....................fax (503)635-6342
Riverdale Web Page......... http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us

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