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Re: [K12OSN] X after installing


I was not running a display manager. Someone suggested entering
  netstat -ap | grep xdmcp
and I didn't see anything running. Now to find out what to do...

I read the docs till I got to the part that suggests debugging X by starting the client by hand. I had already set things up to boot clients into run level 3 so I just entered
sh /tmp/start_ws

X came up, with the same ol Grey screen with large X cursor

I read a bit more http://www.ltsp.org/documentation/ltsp-3.0.0/ltsp-3.0.html#AEN707

and realized I could start a display manager on the server
  server# gdm
which started gdm and then
  client# sh /tmp/start_ws
and I was up and running. :-)

I can run Mozilla and OpenOffice on a Compaq pentium 166Mhz with 96 Mb memory just fine. :-)

I selected the boot in console not boot into X option when I loaded the server. Could that have been the 'problem'?


Gary Frederick wrote:
I installed k12ltsp 2.1.0 and am now trying to get things working.

I think the server is up and working just fine. It connects to the rest of the network and I can get out and the diskless clients connect.

I can not get X to do anything useful with the clients. The client loads and then I get a grey screen with an 'X' cursor. The mouse moves the cursor, but that's about all I can do with X.

I then configured /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf to have two different clients boot into run level 3. The clients come up as root in a bash shell. The shell has most of the commands linked to a 'busybox' program.

Where should I look for documentation on getting X to come up with Gnome?

Where would I find info about busybox and related K12LTSP software?

I need to connect Win 98 and XP and a Kondara Linux box up to the server. I'm having a bit of success with that, but will have questions once I get X running well on the client.

Is there a K12LYSP FAQ for Dummies? :-)



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