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[K12OSN] K12 Rpms for 7.3

Hello James,

I'm currently scoping out an idea for a cluster project
and working on putting the files together I will need.

I wanted to ask you if you have any docs or links to
docs related to installing the K12 rpms
on top of a existing Redhat 7.3 system.

I got a lot of things to work out for my headend system, I'm
attempting to use a Cobalt Qube 3 that has been reinstalled with
Redhat 7.3, so I did the updates needed to boot a 2.4 kernel.
Since the machine has 2 x100MbNICs, and hard drive, I figured
it would be a good head end system for NFS mounting nodes.

My ideal is to use Single Board Computers with 850Mhz Celeron chips
as node units and just have them connect through a switch. Should be
a nice small cluster to run some fun services on, namely counter-strike
server. ;)


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