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Re: [K12OSN] problems printing from Open Office to LTSP clients


Open Office is using the LPR program.  When you added printers to the LTSP 
server you made printing "queues"  on the LTSP server.  What you need to tell 
the LPR program is which queue to print to.  By simply issuing "lpr somefile" 
you are telling the system to print to the default queue which is normally 
the locally attached printer.  By adding a "switch" to the command (-d) you 
can send jobs to any queue defined on the server.

>From the command line issue:

lpr -d printer1 somefile

where printer1 = one of your 4 printers and somefile = a short test text file.  
Repeat on all 4 printers.  If it works then add each lpr command to Open 
Office program with "spadmin"  If it works correctly when you print from Open 
Office you should be able to choose any of the printers from the printing 
dialog.  If you have trouble check out the man pages for lpr  (man lpr) and  
post again.


On Sunday 28 July 2002 07:49 am, Morten wrote:
> I have put up 4 printers on my LTSP clinets, One in each class. IT works
> great from all programs in Linux, accept OpenOffice
> I have found out that OpenOffice has a setup printer program called
> "spadmin". I have tryed to add the printer in there but are running into
> problems. In the command line i first Wrote "lpr" (somone in OpnenOffice
> forum said that). This made the printer work well but only on that
> computer. It was like install a Local Printer. He thougth it must be a
> special command to use when using LTSP. So the question is : Does anyone
> know the command line to write when installing the following printer in the
> Open Office spadmin program?
> I have a HP laserjet 4L Installed on 192.168.60:9102
> Thanks for the attantion
> Morten
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