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RE: [K12OSN] gnome displays differently on each PC

Hi Pat,

You may want to check the BIOS settings on the machines.

IBM's allow you to specify monitors, and resolutions.

It may be that one machine has a custom monitor specified and the other one is autodetecting the monitor.

This is a guess, hope it helps.


On Sunday, July 28, 2002 6:02 AM, pat ring [SMTP:pat_ring hotmail com] wrote:
> Hi.
> -K12LTSP server is running fine.
> -User "pat" successfully boots gnome on an IBM 300XL with a floppy (we'll 
> call this PC A.)
> -Shut down PC A.
> The problem:
> Boot a different, identical 300XL with "pat," PC B.  Gnome display loses the 
> bottom toolbar and produces the error "Application in "panel" (process 2296) 
> has crashed due to a fatal error (segmentation fault)."
> I can't get the display back properly for user "pat" until I use Dan Young's 
> suggestion to "$ mv .gnome .gnome.old" on the server.  After "fixing" the 
> problem, I can boot into "pat" on PC B.  When I go back to PC A as "pat," 
> the display is thwacked again and will remian so until I "fix" it by 
> deleting pat's .gnome directory.  Then all is well until I boot into another 
> PC with "pat."
> What gives?
> Thanks.
> Pat
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