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Re: [K12OSN] Stability of K12LTSP

Bert Rolston wrote:

> Hello Arnel,
> Bert here.
> I'm using an ASUS CUR-DLS motherboard.
> It supports up to 4GB of registered RAM (I've got 3GB),
> dual U160 SCSI controllers
> 10/100 intel chipset NIC
> ServerSet 3 BIOS
> dual Celeron / PIII  (socket 370) cpu's up to 1 Ghz ( I'm using dual PIII
> 850's)
> 3 x 18.4 GB u160 scsi drives
> A couple of spare IDE drives for low access / non critical files (clipart,
> central software installation folder, downloads)
> I've installed this into a CHENBRO rackmount server case. This is alright
> but could be laid out better. I had to put my SCSI
> Loading is light at the moment, but with 5 Win4Lin sessions CPU usae is
> averaging about 2%, memory is 223MB used out of 3GB, 738 buffer, 1112
> cache, and 943 free.


This is a great help for me to setup think and find out what is best for my

Well keep it up.

God Bless:)

Arnel G. Pastrana
n:Pastrana;Arnel G.
org:AIIAS International Elementary School;www.aiias.edu/elem | www.k12ltsp.org
email;internet:arnelgp aiias edu
title:k12ltsp Network Administrator
note:Linux user ID # 277784
fn:Arnel G. Pastrana

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