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Re: [K12OSN] Help - Configuring an HP Color Printer

Hello Ken.  First let me say that I applaude your work with your school.  
Hopefully your efforts will open up your school districts eyes in the future.  

As far as your printing goes, I'm not an expert but I will try to help.

Quoting Ken Johnson <kjohnson optonline net>:

> I want to print with my HP 895Cxi Deskjet. I have connected it to the
> server's parallel port and set up a printque with the print tool gui
> (k12ltsp - current version).
> It just prints one line per page. I used the JetPrinter choice, with
> postscript selected. Obviously this is not correct.
I would not set it to jetprint, I think that setting is for HP print servers.  
Set it to your local LPT1: port, and pick a text driver to start.  Print a test 
page.  If that works, go to www.linuxprinting.org (the best linux printing ste 
on this planet) and research which driver works best with your printer.  Go 
back and change from text printing to the supported driver and your done.

I hope this helps.

Chris Curtis
> What do I have to do to make this work?
> I am new at this. I started at the end of June with zero knowledge about
> Linux. With the help of all of you, I have a created a six node K12LTSP
> network. I have used donated and refurbished parts (I am paying for all of
> this myself - our school doesn't have the will, vision or funds to support
> technology in the classroom).
> Last year we had 2 Windows based computers in our classroom (I built them),
> this year we will have a six node network. If I can make all of this work,
> our sixth graders will have a new learning tool.
> The challenges that remain are:
> Printing: I also have an HP JetDirect 150x Print Server, but I don't know
> how to make it work
> Backup:
> I have a parallel Zip Drive, but I don't know how to configure it. I've
> looked at a few HOWTO's but at my level of knowledge they might as well be
> written in Sanskrit.
> Sound: I'll tackle that, when I get the rest working.
> Thank You
> Ken Johnson
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