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RE: [K12OSN] Help - Configuring an HP Color Printer

Hi Ken,

> It just prints one line per page. I used the JetPrinter choice, with
> postscript selected. Obviously this is not correct.

That sets up to print to a JetDirect printer.

You can use an old computer to act as a JetDirect print server.

Here's the relevant URL


I'm using this method on one of my terminals. The Win4Lin session prints to 
a JetDirect whic is actually the LTSP terminal emulating a JetDirect.

A 'Local" JetDirect Printer, using an old P133. Cool bananas!

> Printing: I also have an HP JetDirect 150x Print Server, but I don't know
> how to make it work

You may have to check on the HP website. Some of the earlier JetDirects 
only supported IPX or IP protocols not both.

Hope this is helpful.


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