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Re: [K12OSN] Load Balancing between servers

> For the time being, I am going to set the servers in the closet with the
> wiring, and patch half of the lab into one server, and the other half
> into the other.
> Joe

My friend maxx (http://maxx.zweix.com) gave me this idea for a load
balancing solution.  Thought I might share and ask for comments.

In a giving situation where you have two servers (assuming identical
passwd, shadow, group) one alpha and one beta.  In DNS have an entry for
each server:  alpha.ltsplab.com  and beta.ltsplab.com

then with each entry add a cname entry that points to gdm.ltsplab.com
then point your gdm login configuration option to gdm.ltsplab.com.

Then DNS will do alternating resolutions to alpha and beta.  This will
give a "poor man's load balancing" :)

Anyone have any thoughts or problems with this idea?

Brent Norris (Net-Tech.BG-Afni) http://brentnorris.net
H: 270.563.9226        W: 877.448.2364 x3021
Pager: 270.610.0002 (text message www.arch.com/message/)

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