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Re: [K12OSN] How to install with K12LTSP rpm's

Jim Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm in the process of building a k12ltsp server.  I asked a friend of
> mine to download/burn the CD's, and he grabbed the iso that only
> includes the difference between K12LTSP and RH7.3 (since he had already
> downloaded RH7.3).
> So... I have the 3 RH7.3 CD's, and the K12LTSP RPM's CD.  How do I
> proceed?

Here's how I proceeded, but I'd sure like to know if there was a better
way:  I did a custom install of RH7.3 (because I ALWAYS do custom
installs).  Then I used rpm to add the rest of the packages found on the
k12ltsp iso.

But what I really wanted was to select LTSP as an install option.  Is
there a way to do that with the four CD's I have, or do I need to cajole
my buddy into downloading/burning the K12LTSP cd's?

Also, I haven't tried it out on any client machines yet, so I don't know
if the approach I took even worked.

Jim Thomas            Principal Applications Engineer  Bittware, Inc
jthomas bittware com  http://www.bittware.com          (703) 779-7770
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