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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Stability of K12LTSP

Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

The RAM on the terminal is only used for processing the display.  I think,
but am not certain, that anything over 16 megs is plenty, although others
on this list can correct me.

Correct. The RAM in the terminal is largely irrelevant. If the terminal boots, and works ok, then running the server
out of RAM is your only consideration.

I have modified my terminal operating system here, and I can actually log on to the *terminal* have have a rummage around.
Running `free` I see I have bags of RAM free, with only 32MB in the machine.

For instance can a student run KDE3,
Star Office6, Mozilla browser and Composer, Evoloution at the same time
without any problems?

Yes. Even if its just an old 486 terminal. (one of mine is..)

Does RAM on the terminal mean anything?  I can
probably get all terminals up to 64mg each.  Is it worth it?

No, and no. 16M of RAM will probably do (I wouldn't recommend it) if you use NFS swap. 32MB is stacks.

cheers, Steve

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