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Re: [K12OSN] Load Balancing between servers

> then what you really want to load balance, is when someone starts a new
> process, it can migrate to the server with the lowest load.  I would recomend
> using MOSIX for this, if possible. (You could even use the workstation CPU's
> potentially)

The worksstations are so slow processes would never farm out to them.
With my experiences with MOSIX, processes never seem to farm out very
well.  Does anyone have some good data on this?  How well does openoffice
migrate between two equally powered MOSIX machines?

> If setting up MOSIX is too much work, you can always try the "chooser" method.
> XDM has a chooser which brings up a menu of availible XDM server on the
> network you can connect to, and will show the number of logged in users and
> the load. That way people can choose for themselves.

I am not saying that they kids that will be using this are stupid, but
there is little to any chance that I will be able to make them understand
and use this method.  More likely they will just hit the first one that
pops up and use it.

Honestly I plan to use a combination of both ideas.  I plan to put MOSIX
on the servers and then run the DNS load balancing in front of them, since
the two are exclusive of each other.  Hopefully this will combine to make
a really quick system.

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