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Re: [K12OSN] Connection question - Server and Client

Hi Kirk,

Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I don't have a Palm.

Anyway members on this mailing list are very helpful providing me with sufficient information.


At 09:02 AM 2002/5/31 -0600, you wrote:
If you carry a Palm Pilot, there is a program called R4510 (available free on PalmGear) that gives the wiring diagrams for straight-thru and cross-over cables. That way, if you are like me and carry a Palm Pilot, you always have it with you. There is also a sub-net mask calculator available on the Palm as well (can't remember the name), and a UNIX-FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Palm DB that provides lots of useful info.


At 08:05 PM 5/30/2002, you wrote:
Hi Daniel and all guys,

Thanks to all of you for your information.

Sorry, I am a little bid confused in reading the threads. My question can be summarized in following points.

1) Direct connection, Server and Client, for experimental only in setup a Server and Client : - a crossover cable can achieve this target as advised.

2) Can the same cable be used to link the hub/switch to the Server or Client ??

3) What is the difference in wire connection between a crossover cable and a patch cable. Where can I find their connection drawings ??

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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