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[K12OSN] Clients not receiving IP's - 2.1.0 RC (beta8)

Hello again,

I could use a direction for troubleshooting:

stock K12LTSP 2.1.0 BETA8 (release candidate) install...eth0 and eth1
start OK during server boot.  I can login as root, startx and browse up
a storm via Mozilla through eth1.  I can't seem to get either of 2 test
clients to connect.  Only non-default option selected was "no firewall"
during install

tail -f /var/log/messages shows no reference to client requests for IP's
or issuance of.  I should add that all default services with the
install, including dhcpd startup OK.


	Abit KT7A-RAID socket A motherboard
	AMD Athalon Thunderbird 1.2ghz CPU
	512mb PC133 DRAM
	(2) 3C905B-TX PCI 10/100 Ethernet NIC's
	IBM A30 Thinkpad, built in NIC (works like a champ on the LAN,
there's a BIOS option to Network boot which I select for this test)

	Gigabyte socket7
	500mhz AMD k6-2
	128mb PC100 DRAM
	(1) Davicom 9102
	boot floppy for above courtesy of http://www.rom-o-matic.net/ -
detects card successfully and outputs dots "." seeking a DHCP server.

cabling - pretty basic cat5/RJ45 - I should add it works well on our
home network in other OS's :)  Generic 8-port 10bT hub - also does the
job fine for a small LAN that we share our internet connection among a
few boxes in the house.

Since the failure is pretty early,  and in this stock install DHCP is
running, I'm not sure where to proceed.  I know the 3C905B-TX which is
eht0 works, as it too has been used.  In case it just failed or
something is up with it, I could try swapping them, although it seems it
wouldn't do any good in the same box since the OS identifies them by
their MAC address. I can try swapping the Davicom in the k6-500 box with
one still. I did try moving eth0 from one PCI slot to another to no

Suggestions?  I want to get this going before I build the server for the
local district.

Greg Long

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