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Re: next cycle ... was: Re: [K12OSN] Looking for a few good

hmmm -- Is this a full SRPMS archive, of just the k12 
stuff -- I see lots of stuff beyond the changes.  
Also, watching the mirror I see a couple errors:

File mirror.defaults not changed so no update needed.
[herrold router bin]$ sudo mirror -pk12 mirror.defaults
k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us:/pub/K12LTSP/2.1.0/i386/SRPMS -> 
Got icewm-1.0.9-3_ltsp.src.rpm 520196 10
Got ltsp_core-3.0-11.src.rpm 1405734 21
Failure on 'RETR vnc-3.3.3r2+tight1.2.4-1.src.rpm' command
Failed to get vnc-3.3.3r2+tight1.2.4-1.src.rpm: 550 
vnc-3.3.3r2+tight1.2.4-1.src.rpm: Permission denied
Failed to get file 550 vnc-3.3.3r2+tight1.2.4-1.src.rpm: 
Permission denied
Got anaconda-7.3-7_ltsp.src.rpm 3329596 57

... so - permissions problems on 



would appear to need a name change now that it is production.

-- Russ

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