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[K12OSN] (no subject)

Hi Everyone


It is a holiday in New Zealand today so I have a good chance to catch up with a bit more set up of the K-12 LTS.


A couple of small problems I am having.  Because I am mostly using older machines as workstations / clients I have a lot of older hardware.  I have a number of SMC ISA Network cards with 83C79QF chipsets.  Does anyone know if they are supported for etherboot?  If they are which one do I download and which driver set do I specify in dhcpd.conf?  Likewise I have some Racal-Datacom ISA cards with AMD AM79C960KC Chipset.  It recognises the NE2100 Etherboot but then I can’t find a driver from the module files to run it in dhcpd.conf.  The lance driver which is recommended won’t probe it properly or recognise the IO entered in the dhcpd.conf.  The initial boot is coming up with a DMA channel reading, does this have to be added to the dhcpd.conf?  Any suggestions?


Secondly I have a small but seemly strange problem with a Pentium 133 when it logs out of KDE.  It returns to the log in box and then freezes.  All I can do then is reboot, which is not a problem but it seem rather strange.


Finally an older 486, with 20mb of memory loads to the point of doing the pivot_root.  It then tell me that NFS on the Server is not responding.  I have carried out all the troubleshooting checks in the LTSP Docs and everything seems normal.  Has anyone any suggestions.


Sorry to ask such minor questions when the discussion at the moment is on so many broader issues.


Keith Turner


Kendal School

53 Kendal Ave


Christchurch 8005

New Zealand

ph 64-3-358-4783 or 64-3-355-8908 (home)

fax 64-3-358-4783

mobile 64-25-284-8360

principal kendal school nz

turner cyberxpress co nz


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