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Re: [K12OSN] Scenario Distributions

This is much appreciated, I will give that a shot (I do not care one way or another to use KDE or Gnome, simply the best one for the users and I would prefer to only use one).

Hopefully there will not be any major problems with the students (I plan to take out floppy drives and CD drives just in case out of all computers as well as securing bios).

This will be a fun summer ;)

Jason Leydon

Bert Rolston wrote:
Hi Jason,

Bert from beautiful New Zealand here.

Most of the restrictions can be achieved by using groups. I'm in the 
process of doing this.

I'm rolling out a combination of Linux terminal sessions, Linux / Win4Lin 
sessions and some Win9x boxes will connect to the server using SAMBA.

In KDE you can even allocate menu options by groups, because they are items 
within the directory structure.

Here's part of the message to Warwick Chapman about a month ago on locking 
down KDE desktops to almost nothing.

For a quick and dirty desktop lockdown try this.


Make a backup of the follwing file


It's a plain text file.


To limit access to taskbar items

NB - DON'T do this while the user is logged in. You WILL mess up kickerrc.
It gives some interesting results! :-)

1)	Open /home/<username>/.kde/share/config/kickerrc in TEXT EDITOR

2)	Read through the file and get an idea of what each applet and button
does. Note the names.

3)	In the [General] section there is a line which loads applets and
buttons. It should be the first line.

4)	Delete any applets / buttons you don't want the users to access. NB You
can't comment / REM  these out. KDE 	does some writing back to the file
during each login / logout.

5)	Test the user login, to check results of your handywork.

I've tried to removed the taskbar completely, but haven't been able to.
Perhaps releteing the kickerrc file will do that. Logging out becomes a
problem if you do this.

I haven't been able to remove the clipboard or calendar either. They aren't 
a problem, so I'm not too worried.

A positive side effect is an improvement login speed. KDE isn't loading any 


Then I deleted the CD and Floppy disk icons. You can't do this for the
Trash Can, it keeps getting resurrected!

Here are the kickerrc files, before and after modification

On Monday, June 03, 2002 10:52 AM, Jason Leydon 
[SMTP:jleydon morriscatholic com] wrote:
Well I gave a shot at setting up K12LTFS this past weekend and ran into
a few minor hardware conflictions (nothing major) needless to say I got
it up and running with 2 clients without much of a problem.

(Just testing out right now).

Great default setup thus far, however, I was curious if anybody has put
out their own custom distribution.  I simply think it would be nice to
see a few different types of distro's released depending on a certain
school's scenario for examples as well as easily setting things up from
scratch.  I would be more than happy to do this myself (although I do
not have the best administration knowledge when it comes to Linux), it
will just take a bit of learning.  Reason being, I want to setup a
version of K12LTFS that is a bit more "strict".

My general plan is to setup first, a lab in our library where it will be
open to all students in our school (Morris Catholic High School which is
a Private Christian High School grades 9-12 in New Jersey) can go into
the Library and surf the net for school work as well as use OpenOffice
for reports and such.  What I have been doing is only installing Gnome
as well as only the Mozilla 1.0 RC 3 internet Browser (I found that if I
put too many applications it confuses people and this is good when it is
a computer someone will use daily but I do not want students fooling
around with all the software on a computer).  Also, I am working on
getting our grades setup online so that our faculty can type in grades /
attendance and such and this is being restricted so they can only input
this information in the Library under their user name (restricted by IP
address due to the fact that I can see a password being given away to a
student somehow and if grades are changed by a student I am to blame).

This will most likely be done using 1 server and under 10 clients or
perhaps even 20 clients with 2 servers (depending on specs of the
servers).  The second scenario I plan to setup is for our Music 
We have courses that are expanding where the students in our Music
department are going to be studying a lot of history of music etc....
where the Internet would be a great tool to have in the Music room as
well as being able to have applications that are related to this.
 (Generally I will simply have different suites of music for each lab
that this is setup in).

The next major thing which I could really use input on (hopefully
someone has done something similar) is redoing our programming computer
class lab.  They currently have approximately 20 computers and teach
Basic, C/C++, and Java.  They currently are using Windows 98 for this
class and it would be a dream come true if I can get a distro setup that
has the proper compilers that would be familiar to things they are
currently using for the course (compiler is a compiler if you ask me
though).  Students in this class tend to abuse the computers quite a bit
since they fool around a lot and I cannot restrict them too much since
they need to execute a lot of software in this course that they are
compiling.  Setting it up as a Terminal Client/Server would help where
they can execute anything (i hope) and not be able to change anything
that would screw up the computers (it is currently a nightmare to
administrate the class).

Any help is truely appreciated!

Jason Leydon
jleydon morriscatholic com
Director of Technology
Morris Catholic High School

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