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Re: [K12OSN] Scenario Distributions

Thanks a lot John.

The teachers seem to be open to the idea of using Linux for the programming class (they have never used it but I mentioned that most people in the real world are using *nix to program anyhow). Plus it is FREE (the whole lab is outdated in terms of software so might as well have updated stuff if they are only doing programming.

Great read for that library setup (I skimmed it but will definately read it in detail tomorrow morning).

Unfortunately, the Librarian here purchased some Library database software for Windows and I would rather her use something else I got for free to set it up since it works better but she already put in 95% of the books (HUGE library). Real shame too since the company is horrible and coded the whole thing with FoxPro (I cannot even set it up on the network properly since they have to send out documentation which they were going to send in February and won't return any emails / calls). Oh well, we will see how things workout =)

John Baillie wrote:


You might find this link useful for programming:


And for a library setup take a look at what Meadville,PA public library


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