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Re: [K12OSN] Upgrade from 1.0 to new distro

On Sun, 2 Jun 2002, Tom Brown wrote:

>I have a tweaked k12ltsp 1.0 network running. What is the best upgrade
>strategy to 2.x? 

Interesting question... I have not tried it. I don't even have a copy of
v1.0 laying around, I have to download a copy. I'll post back here to the
list after the download is done and I had a chance to test it.

>Of course I don't want to break anything -- the network is in use. And
>useage will increase dramatically this month. 
>I suppose the safest upgrade route is to add a second server and install
>the new distro on that. Later, when things look solid on the new server, I
>can "gracefully" make the switch to the new box. But this solution requires
>the outlay of money. Don't want to do that.

With any major upgrade, it is *always* recommened to test it first. Always 
be sure your backups are current and reliable as well.

You don't necessarily have to have full blown server to test on. You can
restore your backups on an old clunker and test the upgrade on that. Likewise,
you can do a fesh install of the new release on a clunker for testing purposes.

Once you're comfortable that the upgrade or install will work right, then
do it on the production server.


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