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[K12OSN] StarOffice 6 and mixing "paid for programs" into K12LTSP


In the technology department I was always a "you get what you pay for" type.
Then Linux hit me with Slackware 3.0 a few years ago and that entire mind set evporated. On to the questions;

Has anyone installed SunStar Office into K12LTSP yet ? Being a user of OpenOffice is it worth the switch ? I am looking for a little name recognition here in my move away from MS. I have many teachers who love
"the manual " for a given product...they will even purchase it themselves, I am leaning towards Sun because I imagine Sun and other publishers will release texts ?

Second, ISO's . I have a two CD set I purchased from Paul. Worth about a $million$ but at $15 quite the deal. Place the iso's on a linux box, rsync them, burn'em ? That simple to get the new version of K12LTSP ?

Thanks, please tear into the above - - - -June 30th is almost here.

Tom Ventresco

These are exciting times...

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