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[K12OSN] Win4Lin -- Wine Question

Well, curious on what is the major difference (have not really messed with either).

The 79$ (I think that is the price) for Win4Lin is definately a steal for what it does but was curious why not use Wine (not too sure on how well either work I am afraid since I am just implementing Linux in the school with K12LTSP).

Main use of Win4lin is because of our Encyclopedia software, Library Software Database, and for some other software we will end up using (in the long run we might no longer use it but it would be worth it to start with I think).

Also, for Win4Lin what is the copyright on it if someone knows. If you set it up with Terminal Clients, do you have to pay for each client or just the one computer it is on.
ie. If I have Two Computers running K12LTSP and 10 clients on each, do I purchase two copies of Win4Lin?

Jason Leydon

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