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RE: [K12OSN] Web Site Portal Intranets

We are in the process of implementing an intranet/internet solution with PostNuke.  The intranet is already in place and being tested.  I do not know if anyone has plans on creating a distro with PN in it, but it would be a nice addition.


The idea of an internal content management system is light years ahead of managing your own html code.



Royce Holden, IT Manager

Buncombe County Schools


royce holden bcsemail org



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I have been using PostNuke  for quite some time now and have things setup on it for my school and other sites:

This is the one I am currently setting up and has a LOT of stuff to do but you can see a working calendar and weather thing on it.

Our current live website is:
Has a lot of work to be done but you get the jist.

It is setup so faculty can post their own updates on the site by simply logging in and typing in information and submitting it.  Works very easily.

What I plan to setup is something on our intranet that uses the same PostNuke system so that we can have a lot of nice features going on.  Hopefully I can get a working RedHat distro setup that will simply run as a web server with this built - in.

You just install it , configure the proper IP addresses for gateways and such and you got a working intranet web server.  Easily login remotely to upload and change files.

Any input would be helpful if someone has already done this, and it should work easy enough and very useful for an educational environment.

Jason Leydon

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