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Re: RE: [K12OSN] Client Management Software

> VNC has two progs, a server and a viewer. To look at a remote machine you
> launch the server (it seems odd but his is how ORL have done it).
> To send your screen to another machine you launch the VIEWER. The other
> machine must have the server running in "listen" mode. On a Win9x /NT  box
> it can be run as a locked down service. The server can be configured to
> accept from a single IP address, or from a range of addresses.

Say Bert, 

Isn't this slightly backwards?  When I use VNC, I run the viewer on my 
workstation to see the screen of the machine running the server.  So, to send 
your screen to my machine, you launch the server on your machine.  Meanwhile, 
I have the viewer running in listen mode on my machine.  When your server 
comes up, it automatically connects to my viewer and I see what's on your 

In David's case, as you mentioned, he would have all the workstations running 
the viewer with the -listen option, (sitting in the background?), and then 
he'd launch the server and the clients would all pop the viewer and the 
students could see his desktop.  I haven't actually done this, just my 
interpretation of the docs.


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