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Re: [K12OSN] Win4Lin -- Wine Question

I believe the licensing for Win4Lin is for concurrent use, so for two LTSP 
servers, you'd need two licenses.  Note that this will allow only one client 
at a time to access Win4Lin.  If those ten workstations need to access 
Win4Lin concurrently, then you'd want Netraverse's NSSE, which is basically a 
server version of Win4Lin, and according to my notes, costs about $100 per 
user, meaning a 10-user version would cost about $1000.  Remember that if you 
go this route, you also have to have (or purchase) 10 Windows licenses.  

Hope this helps.


On Monday 03 June 2002 12:03, you wrote:
> Well, curious on what is the major difference (have not really messed
> with either).
> The 79$ (I think that is the price) for Win4Lin is definately a steal
> for what it does but was curious why not use Wine (not too sure on how
> well either work I am afraid since I am just implementing Linux in the
> school with K12LTSP).
> Main use of Win4lin is because of our Encyclopedia software, Library
> Software Database, and for some other software we will end up using (in
> the long run we might no longer use it but it would be worth it to start
> with I think).
> Also, for Win4Lin what is the copyright on it if someone knows.  If you
> set it up with Terminal Clients, do you have to pay for each client or
> just the one computer it is on.
> ie. If I have Two Computers running K12LTSP and 10 clients on each, do I
> purchase two copies of Win4Lin?
> Jason Leydon
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