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RE: [K12OSN] Win4Lin -- Wine Question

Hi all,

Bert here,

> Paying more than what the windows software cost is to get it working is
> kinda silly.  Going to have to figure something out.
> Petre Scheie wrote:
> >I believe the licensing for Win4Lin is for concurrent use, so for two 
> >servers, you'd need two licenses.  Note that this will allow only one 
> >at a time to access Win4Lin.  If those ten workstations need to access
> >Win4Lin concurrently, then you'd want Netraverse's NSSE, which is 
basically a
> >server version of Win4Lin, and according to my notes, costs about $100 
> >user, meaning a 10-user version would cost about $1000.  Remember that 
if you
> >go this route, you also have to have (or purchase) 10 Windows licenses. 

I got a 20% education discount here in NZ.

Our version of Novell was getting past its 'use by' date, so we were 
looking at a large cost either way. Win4Lin has allowed us to keep the 
P75s, but get the benefit of Win98 and newer MS Office versions without the 
VERY LARGE hardware upgrade expense to use the latest MS products

I know Kirk Rheinlander managed to negotiate a better discount.

Ask Netraverse to consider education discounts.


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