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RE: RE: [K12OSN] Client Management Software

Hi Petre,

> Say Bert,
> Isn't this slightly backwards?  When I use VNC, I run the viewer on my
> workstation to see the screen of the machine running the server.  So, to 
> your screen to my machine, you launch the server on your machine. 
> I have the viewer running in listen mode on my machine.  When your server 
> comes up, it automatically connects to my viewer and I see what's on your 
> screen.

It sure is,  from memory that's what ORL have in their documents. I can't 
remember exactly what the rationale is, but I think it goes like this. I 
could have it all wrong too, I'm human. :-)

You are SERVING the commands to the viewer, because you are effectively 
controlling the remote machine. It's weird and runs contra to all I 
understand about servers.

I still have a lot to learn though.

> In David's case, as you mentioned, he would have all the workstations 
> the viewer with the -listen option, (sitting in the background?), and 
> he'd launch the server and the clients would all pop the viewer and the
> students could see his desktop.  I haven't actually done this, just my
> interpretation of the docs.

Having looked at the new LTSP release notes this  may be a moot point 
anyway. There appears to be a version included with v2.1.0 that does 
desktop display to remote machines.

> Petre


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