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Re: [K12OSN] Win4Lin -- Wine Question

Not really - see below....
At 01:24 PM 6/3/2002, you wrote:
ouch getting a bit steep (currently already have Windows 98 licenses for those computers).

Paying more than what the windows software cost is to get it working is kinda silly. Going to have to figure something out.

What you get is in effect a floating license - something that the EULA on Win98 does not support. If I have 10 copies of Win98, and Win4Lin NSSE 10 users, I can run those 10 copies on any 10 concurrent machines, regardless of how many machines are attached to the network. So running LTSP on everything, and 10 copies of Win98 floating around for use where ever it is required....

Not such a bad setup.

The alternative would be to set up a Win2k Terminal Server, and use RDESKTOP on LTSP to access it. I am not sure what the EULA / CALS restrictions are on such a solution.

The WinXP EULA does NOT allow ANY COMPUTER THAT IS NOT RUNNING WINXP to CONNECT IN ANY WAY TO THE WINXP machine. This, according to the industry press current interpretation (until MS refutes it, and changes the text) means that one cannot attach a WinXP machine to anything else, including a mainframe. This should be interesting to the corporate world!!

More ammo for LTSP!


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