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[K12OSN] gray screen in X

We started experimenting with LTSP a week or so ago. I had at first 
installed the packages direct from LTSP and had that up and running. Then, 
because of a post on our local LUG list, we discovered LTSP from K12OS. I 
have down loaded version 2.0.2 (and discovered this morning that 2.1.0 is 
now out ;^o) but am having trouble getting a display manager to come up. 
We can boot a workstation without error to the CLI. sh /tmp/start_ws 
results in a gray X screen with the X mouse cursor but nothing more. CTRL 
ALT BKSPC kills the screen ok - no errors are observed when I return to 
CLI. The XFree...log doesn't reveal anything either.

Any ideas what I may have done wrong here? I'd include some of the configs 
if I knew which ones would help. When I did the install I changed the IP 
structure from the default. I've made corresponding changes to all the 
config files (hosts, exports, DNS, DHCP, lts.conf etc.) I can find by 
using grep in recursive mode for the string '192.168'.

What have I missed?


Mike Rambo
Lansing Public Schools
Lansing MI
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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