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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP with 3 nics

That is a lot of terminals ... would you not be able to get a second switch
? which would of course be easiest.

Either way what you would wanna do is this:
Put in the 3rd Nic and simply assign it an IP address similar to what your
other nic that goes out into the intranet uses:
the current Intranet Nic could be:
the secondary Intranet Nic could be:

Now what you wanna do (this is the most efficient way at least) is record
all the clients Mac Addresses and give them reservations on the DHCP server
(sorry if it is not called reservations in Linux) assign each one their own
IP address from the Pool you have created.

Then for 30 of them give them the Default Gateway
for the rest make it

This should allow half to use one nic and the other half to use the other

If you have to change some settings to make sure DNS / DHCP services are
working on both IP address hopefully someone else can answer that but I
think it should work as is (since the services are on the server and all
nic's should receive them properly).

Jason Leydon
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Subject: [K12OSN] LTSP with 3 nics

> Hi guys,
> I think I'm having a network bottleneck with my internal traffic due to
> having 60 terminals on one server nic. The server has a gigabit nic but
> unfortunately people here won't let me purchase a gigabit module for my
> switch. SO I'm having to improvise. I just downloaded LTSP 2.1.0 and am
> prepared to do a fresh install. I want to add a third nic in my server
> so I will have 2 nics to use for my terminals (inside traffic)and one
> for outside traffic. How do I go about getting this to work? Is there a
> way I can make these two nics appear as one? Or can I maybe setup my
> DHCPD.conf to allow half my terminals on one nic and the other half on
> my other nic? Anyone feel free to input!
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