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Re: [K12OSN] floppy access from workstations

We intentionally removed floppies from ALL desktop machines that students have access to. Their file, should they really need to get/put them at home, can be retrieved over the Internet from a secure area. Alternatively, the teacher machine, which has a floppy (and CD-RW), can be used to copy files, again, if it is really necessary.

IF the school had some real-time computer administration folks, maybe we would have worked the [security] issues on floppies, but this worked for us. The security issues - introduction of unwanted files, etc. - was eliminated by eradicating removable media.


At 04:58 AM 6/4/2002, you wrote:
Students should be able to save files to the local
floppy drive.  I found their inability to do this to be one of the
biggest "rough spots" in using the lab as well as the biggest drawback
in promoting the lab as a model for other places in the county.

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