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Re: [K12OSN] StarOffice 6 and mixing "paid for programs" into K12LTSP

Hi Kirk,      off subject cool iMac look-a-like skin liquid. Sharp.  

> This is a misnomer that I have to counter every day in Corporate consulting
> work - "FREE" is as in FREEdom, NOT FREE as is $0.00. To quote the GNU web
> site "``Free software'' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand
> the concept, you should think of ``free'' as in ``free speech,'' not as in
> ``free beer.'' "

You're giving away "free beer" ? ;)   The above is a good point and clear 
point.   I agree 100%. I hear you.  It is challenging convincing staff and 
community members about the advantages of Linux in general.  When they see a 
company like Corel or Sun backing a project like K12LTSP they tend to be a 
little more relaxed and open minded about jumping off the MS band wagon.  
They don't understand that our web server has been running for 5 years 
straight :) on a white box with no cover and with no MS.  I plan to keep 
OpenOffice and am looking forward to 1.0.

Its an interesting question;  Go with open source software - free - and the 
community thinks "WOW they are spending money wisely" and parents say "Oh 
sure don't spend any money on my kids."  Go with the Microsoft/ buy new 
computers every 3 years / stand alone / cost a fortune model and the 
community says "Look how much money they are spending," and parents say "they 
are spending all that money on my kids, they must be getting good 
technology...JOY" The battle is not only with MS and their ways but 

> Money "can" be made on both software and support. You can legitimately sell
> "free" software - see the link on the following page.

I wish...I went out for proposal for workstations two weeks ago and visited 
three seperate vendors..you know not one of those knuckle-heads heard of the 
K12LTSP and even understand the concept of network centric computing let 
alone the money opportunity with GNU/GPL software.  They all have MS on the 
brain. BUT perception to many is still reality.    

Again my thanks,

Tom Ventresco

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