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Re: [K12OSN] Dual LTSP Boot ideas needed

I unfortunately haven't yet had an opportunity to set up and play
with K12LTSP, but I'll throw my $0.02 in here, anyway... (I have
used and hacked Etherboot, though, so at least I know part of the

A client boots by downloading a kernel and an initrd (optional)
and booting the kernel.  Then, NFS is used to mount the root
filesystem.  What I am not sure of is what else is mounted,
and whether anything other than the basic X server stuff is
available to the clients.

In any case, if the apps that are needed locally can be accessed
through an NFS mount, then they could just be run locally.  If the
clients are beefy enough, you could run the window manager locally
as well, and then everything else mostly just works the way you want.

I guess what I am trying to say is that network booting does not
imply thin client.  A thin client runs a display server of some sort
(X in the case of K12LTSP), with all the other apps running on an
application server.  You can use network booting to boot a machine
into basically a "standalone" configuration, except that it will
get all its files (root filesystem included) over NFS.  In this
scenario, you need a file server, not an app server (although
you can still use an app server as well.)

This may or may not help, depending on how close K12LTSP is to
supporting mounting all the apps you need, and whether or not
your clients are capable of running most or all of the apps
your students need.

If I were setting up an environment like you are looking for,
I would avoid having separate local boot/net boot options.  Heck,
I would probably remove any hard drives from the clients to
decrease noise and power consumption.  And if possible, I would
collect the most powerful client machines into a single lab for
the programming classes, and let the other clients be used the
way K12LTSP works now.


Guy Lessard wrote:
The same holds true for Etherboot (bootp) from the rom-o-matic site, you get a
chance to Network or local boot.

Tait Shrum a écrit :

I am going to assume here that you are using PXE - if you aren't then
disregard this post.  We use 3COM 3C905CX-TX-M network cards and you can
make them prompt for either "Boot from Network, Press N" or "Boot from
Hard Disk, Press B" (or something like that).  That seems to work well
for us.
Tait Shrum
On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 11:51, William Tihen wrote:


I have very limited space at my school.  We will be using K12LTSP (or
possibly just LTSP) next school year.  For normal use we would like to
use the LTSP application server -- for programming classes we would like
to run files locally on the computers (to keep the load on the server
low and for improved security).

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this.


William Tihen, Technology Director
The American School in Switzerland (TASIS)

Don Christensen       Senior Software Development Engineer
djc cisco com         Cisco Systems, Santa Cruz, CA
  "It was a new day yesterday, but it's an old day now."

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